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Modul Praktikum Gelombang

Materi praktikum “Gelombang” dapat di-download di bawah ini:

1. Frequency Modulation (FM)

Amplitudo Modulation (AM)

2. (1.5.13-00) Stationary ultrasonic waves

3.(1514_00) Absorption of ultrasonic in air

4. (1.5.24-15) Ultrasonic Doppler Effect

Modul Praktikum Termodinamika

Materi Praktikum “Termodinamika” dapat didown load di bawah ini:

1. (1.4.05-00) Surface Tension by The Ring Method

2. (3.6.01-00) Solar Ray Collector

3. (4.1.04-01_15) Temperature Dependence of Different Resistors and Diodes

4. (4.1.07-00) Semiconductor Thermogenerator

Modul praktikum “Termodinamika” versi Bahasa Indonesia dapat didown load di bawah ini:

Termodinamika 2015-2016 Ganjil


Modul Praktikum Listrik Magnet

Materi praktikum “Listrik Magnet” dapat didown load di bawah ini:

1. (4.3.02_01_15) Magnetic Field of Single coils/Biot-Savart’s Law

2.  (4.2.06-00) Dielectric Constant of Different Materials

3. (4.4.03-01-11) Inductance of Solenoidwith Cobra 3 

4. (4.4.12-11) Induction Impulse

Petunjuk Praktikum Listrik Magnet _2014-2015_ GENAP (Bahasa Indonesia)

Semoga bermanfaat dan sukses selalu.amiiin

Never give up and keep spirit!

Modul Praktikum Eksperimen Fisika I

Materi Praktikum dapat di down load di bawah ini:

1. (4.3.03-01/15) Magnetic field of paired coils in Helmholtz arrangement

2. (1.4.03-00) Viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian Liquids (rotary viscometer)

3. (1.5.08-11) Resonance frequencies of Helmholtz resonators with Cobra3

4. (1.5.21-15) Determination of The Velocity of Sound (Sonar Principle)

5. (4.1.06-01/15) Current Balance / Force Acting on A Current-carrying Conductor

6. (4203_00) Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor

Untuk modul praktikum berbahasa Indonesia dapat di download di bawah ini:

Eksperimen Fisika I _2015-2016_

Modul Praktikum Fisika Modern

Materi Praktikum Fisika Modern dapat di down load di bawah ini:

1. (5.1.02-00) Specific Charge of The Electron – em

2. (5.1.03-11) Frank Hertz Hg-tube

3.(5.2.31-00) Electron Absorbtion

4. (5304_01) Band Gap Germanium)

Modul Praktikum versi Bahasa Indonesia dapat di down load di bawah ini:

Fisika Modern 2015-2016 Ganjil


Modul Praktikum Eksperimen Fisika II

Materi praktikum Eksperimen Fisika II dapat di down load di bawah ini:

1. (4.3.04-00) Hall Efect in p-germanium

2. (1.5.19-15) Interference of Two Identical Ultrasonic Transmitters

3. (1.5.20-00) Interference of Ultrasonic Waves by a Lloyd mirror

4. (5.4.13-00) Examination of The Structure of NaCl Monocrystals With Different Orientations

5. (4.3.02-01/15) Magnetic Field of Single Coils/Biot-Savart’s Law

6. (4.2.01-00) Electrical Fields and Potentials in the Plate Capacitors




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